Storms Approaching

The tornado dreams are back.

They never go away.

Last nights was almost as bad as the one where Ty was ripped out of my arms.  Only because I woke up just before we were all swept away.

Jason & I were walking with the boys down the driveway at my parents house. (Unrelated note, the driveway was dirt but it's actually been paved for more than 5 years or so.). We were just a short distance from their entryway when Jason shouted out in surprise as he was suddenly able to see a tornado coming toward us from beyond the neighbor's house.

We all turned to start running towards my parents house where we could find shelter.

I was running with Beckett in my arms when I realized we'd never make it in time.  The tornado was coming on us and the winds were getting too strong.

I turned and looked at Jason and hen turned to look at Ty and pleaded, shouting above the noise of the storm, for them to cling to me and yo each other with every ounce of their strength.  I was holding Beckett as we all knelt down together to brace for the storm.  My arms were full with the baby and I was focused on protecting his fragile little body but it killed me that I couldn't wrap my arms around Ty, too.  I had to hope and pray that he and Jason could hold onto me and onto each other and hopefully we could come out of this storm both alive and together.

At this point I thankfully woke up.  I don't think I could have endured a second more.

Flowers from Benedict

It's not my birthday, but in my dream last night it was.

And it was a very cool dream.  I had started back to college to get a Masters Degree in Who-Knows-What.  My 8:00 class ran over by about 30 minutes so I missed my 9:00 class which—if you know me—threw me into a tailspin.  I never cut class.  Ever.  So it was a little traumatic.  (#overachiever)


Last night's dream was definitely a nightmare.

It started out simply enough, my mom and dad, my son and I were going shopping at some little boutique.  We were walking in from the vehicle to the store and I was in the front, my son was behind me, followed by my dad and then my mom.  I walked in the store and started looking around at some of the items they had.  I looked up to check on my son and noticed that he wasn't with my dad.  I then looked to check and see if he was with my mom.  After a cursory glance around, I left my parents to search the store and I walked outside to see if he was still in the parking lot.

The Amish Girl in the Barn

I slept so poorly last night that I'm surprised I dreamed anything at all.  It was after 3 a.m. before I finally started dozing off and then my sleep after that was interrupted by tossing and turning and a cat jumping on me to make sure that I didn't almost go to sleep.

But alas, when my alarm went off at 5:45 and I realized:

Anatomically Incorrect

I've had trouble remembering my dreams in anything more than snippets this week.  While I might be able to remember bits and pieces when I initially wake up, once I've showered and gotten ready for the day, they're gone.

So it's obviously hard to write about something that you can't remember.

Up, up, and away

Last night was exhausting.

My husband somehow convinced me that we should enter a float in a parade our subdivision was hosting at the very, very last minute for no other reason than to have a float in the subdivision parade so we somehow pulled a flatbed trailer out of our hats and drove it down to the parade.

Shots Fired

It's a little disconcerting to dream that someone's trying to kill you.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is in real life.

In my dream last night, I was leaving work and as I approached my vehicle, I noticed that my sunroof was broken again.  I opened my car door and got in to inspect what may have happened to it and found that my car had been shot through and through.  In the windshield, through the headrest of my seat, through the back seat and then out through the back of the vehicle.  The bullet lodged in a wall behind my vehicle (I must've backed into a parking spot).