Back to school...again

It's that time of year again!  Back to School is everywhere!

Even though I've been out of college for 9 years now, I was headed back to school in last night's dreams...and as I often am in dreams (but hate to be in real life), I was late!

For some reason I was going all out to go back to school, black dress, cute charcoal grey jacket...but the shoes were a problem.  Of all the black shoes in my fantastic little imaginary closet, none of them were both cute with the dress and business appropriate as I apparently had to go to work after class.

I don't even remember how the shoe dilemma ended—maybe I decided to go without—because my focus shifted to the time (already very late) and the fact that I'd have to make my own lunch, something my husband spoils me by doing for me everyday.  This morning I made sure to thank him for this as it was a horror trying to:

  • Figure out what we had that I could make a meal of (this is why I share the cooking responsibilities in my home)
  • Put said meal together
  • Find matching pieces of Tupperware to put said meal into.

The third dilemma changed this dream into a nightmare.  Fortunately (and unfortunately) at this point I woke up wondering and then realizing that the sheets for the guest bed (where my brother-in-law was sleeping) were still in the dryer—which meant that my brother-in-law was too kind to let us know that we're failures at being good hostesses.
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