Bigger on the inside

Last night's dream could have started out with HGTv.

A local roofing company bought a residence that had been on the market for years.  It was a huge, beautiful lake home with lots of room but the kitchen was literally a hallway coming off of the entrance from the garage.  No one was interested in it for lack of a usable or easily remodeled kitchen.

As a business, however, they had little need for a kitchen so they bought the home, remodeled it, and opened it for business.

Word had gotten around how awesome they had done, so crowds began to drop by to check it out.  We decided to go along, too.  At first when we walked in, it was pretty unimpressive (and that's being generous).  The hallway kitchen was the same, the desks were basically government issue, bedrooms had mattresses on the floor where apparently the employees lived.

But then, the magic took over.

Seriously.  It was TARDIS-like technology that created this 'bigger on the inside' extravaganza of fun.  Two story go-cart tracks with probably fifty carts modeled as anything operable—from mini-Ferraris to micro-dump trucks to small scale helicopters (they didn't fly, though, the wheels were on the runners), and an array of Mario Cart vehicles as well.

There were slides and play areas that spanned 3 or 4 stories...the whole building was laid out like a grand-scale convention with different rooms and stores and booths laid out on the perimeter and interior of the building.

A beauty salon caught me and started talking to me about removing my lady-stache.  I was very confused about what they were talking about but to my horror, they presented me with a mirror that revealed a dusting of medium-brown hair where no hair should be according to the guides for being the perfect(ly unattainable) woman.

Never having dealt with this, I promptly freaked out and insisted they remove it right then and there, which they did.  Except it kept growing right back!  Needless to say, the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to check my upper lip in the mirror.

After giving up on my impossible hair removal (no charge as they couldn't actually remove it for more than a few seconds), I decided to head out to the go-carts and challenge my boys to a friendly family race.

After several races and one more final ride, we headed back out into the less magical and dimensionally limited 'real world' where we discovered a new road in the town we live in, this road took us downtown without actually having to drive downtown.  Unfortunately, the road was blocked and the cat woke me up before I could find a way around it.
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