I had seven sleep cycles last night.  According to my sleep tracker, I spent more time in REM sleep than Deep Sleep.  I believe it based on the number of dreams I had, however, I tossed and rolled so much last night that I only really remember one.

The one where I got my (youngest) brother-in-law expelled from college on his very first day.

(In my defense, I think it was the girly phone that did it and not really me, but it still felt like it was all my fault.)

So in the dream, apparently my husband and I were going back to school at the same time that my brother-in-law was starting college and as luck would have it (on our part, I'm sure BIL thought it was quite unlucky for him), the three of us had a class together!

The teacher was really, really odd and I don't even remember what he was teaching.  He could have been really attractive and not in a butterface kind of way, it was more of a 'but-his-attitude' kind of way.  Have you ever noticed how ugly a bad attitude can make an attractive person?  He was the picture next to that theory in the book.

Anyway, so at the beginning of the class we were divided into groups and then redivided into different groups a couple of times.  When we went back to our seats, I found that there was a phone left on the desk I was sitting at.  It was an iPhone 4 but it was in a case that made it look like one of the old Nokia 6310s that everyone had back in the day.  I kept looking around and waiting for someone to realize their phone was gone but no one ever did.  

As I waited through class I kept looking at this phone and the case around it and I realized the case was hinged and opened up to a hidden compartment.  Again I looked around to see if anyone was trying to find their phone and then I opened it up to find some little plastic barrettes that ranged from little to tiny.

I closed the case back and after class I took it up to the professor, who was SO put out with me wanting to speak to him, until he saw what was in my hand.  As soon as he saw the phone he had the doors locked and wouldn't let anyone leave until he knew whose phone it was.  No one would claim it and I was shocked at his response.  I slunk back to my desk and sat with my head down.  I slid even further down in my chair when he turned the phone over and saw something I never saw...my BIL's initials.

He had the whole class escorted out while he "tossed" the class (for those of you not familiar with the criminal justice system and it's phraseology, that means he had the room searched).  We all waited as the professor over-reacted by calling in the campus equivalent of a SWAT team, after an extensive search, they came out empty-handed and started escorting each of us in for a tête-à-tête with Mr. Personality.  

At the end of it we were all allowed back in to claim our personal effects, but the BIL was escorted off with his pink phone to the Dean's office, we never could figure out what crime or offense he committed, my best guess was that he had to turn in his Man Card.  
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