Goodbye at last

My dream bone popped back into place yesterday.  I put my weight on my foot as I stood up at work and when I did there was an uncomfortable "pop" in my foot followed by a pleasant absence of pain across the width of my foot as there had continuously been prior to that.  It was my dream bone, as I said yesterday, because once it popped back into place my dreams returned.

Last night I got to say goodbye.  My great-uncle Ray passed away a few years ago; the last time I'd seen him was most likely my grandpa's funeral in 2004...possibly that Christmas two months later.

In my dream he was ill and near to passing but I got to see him and introduce him to The Husband.  He asked me about my horses—he always asked me about our horses—it was our common ground.

It was the most normal, wonderful dream I've had in ages.  I got to say goodbye.

Today's Earworms:
          It Ain't Gonna Rain No More - We Sing Silly Songs
          Oh Lord, It's Hard to be Humble - Mac Davis
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