High School Band Reunion

While I voluntarily missed my 10 year reunion a few years ago...last night, a reunion came up that I just couldn't miss!  My High School Band reunion!  My band director contacted all of the band members specific to the years that I was in high school band (that was nice of her) and we were scheduled to get back together for one last hurrah!  My old high school was even kind enough to loan instruments to those who no longer had them.  Not me, though, I still have my trusty old Gemeinhardt flute in the closet of the guest room.

Our reunion was scheduled to be on a Sunday afternoon and since I was going to be in town, we had some family friends that wanted us to come out to their house for supper afterwards.  Unfortunately, it started raining on Saturday and the band reunion was cancelled due to weather (my guess is we were going to march but woodwinds and weather don't really mix well).

Between the now canceled band reunion and the get-together I had to run by Walmart and pick up a few last minute food items (which is amusing to me as that Walmart they have there has a VERY limited selection of food items, but it's right by the high school so I guess it made sense geographically)

Anyway, so I grabbed the items and then headed out to spend time with my family and the good family friends.  When we got there we all decided to just go to Washington D.C. for a day...because, you know, it's only a 1,080 mile trip, but in a dream it only takes a matter of a few seconds to get there!

We were just driving into the outskirts of D.C. when I realized there was a memorial tower up ahead.  I have no idea what it was commemorating, but I do know it was traumatic.  There was a room that you could step into that was dark and surrounded by twisted and rusted metal.  As soon as you stepped into it, you were overwhelmed with the feelings that the victims felt as they left the world.  It sounds out-there, but it was really very catastrophic.  I didn't realize what room I was walking into so I hit my knees the instant it hit me, it was so much.  So much fear, so much agony, so much sadness, so much regret.  It was too much.

I don't remember who, but someone got me out of there.  I couldn't go back in because it shook me up too much.  I don't remember anything beyond that point of the dream.  I think the feeling of it just eclipsed everything else.

Leave your feedback:

What feelings do you feel the most in your dreams?  In this dream I felt an overwhelming sadness to the point that it crippled me.  In other dreams I've....umm....well, we'll just say 'experienced intense pleasure';  I've also had dreams that have made me so mad or upset that I held a grudge for a few days afterwards.

What's the strongest feeling you've ever felt in a dream and why?
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