Sleep patterns

Dreaming can be a tough business.  Before I started all of this, my sleep was that interval of rest between my day job.  Now...I'm starting to feel the other way around.  "Oh good, I can go to work and now I won't have to work so hard at having and remembering my dreams."

My boss showed me an app yesterday that you set on the bed with you when you go to sleep and it tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up at a time consistent with your alarm, but during an optimal point in your sleep pattern.  Since I'm doing the whole dream documenting, I thought it would be interesting to see how my sleep divides out.

So that's what I dreamed about last night.  I would go to sleep in my dreams and when I woke up, I'd have a dream chart to take to a doctor or some sort of dream specialist for interpretation.

So my whole night was filled with these beautiful and fascinating charts.  The first chart looked like a dolphin.  It sloped up and then spiked where the dorsal fin would be and then it sloped back down in the perfect shape of the head and nose.  It was beautimus.

The next chart was even more impressive, it looked like two large elephants with a third, baby elephant beside the two.  I'm not sure how there were multiple lines on the chart, perhaps it was the just extraordinary level of sleep I achieved.

So I was a bit disappointed, and more than frustrated, when my alarm went off this morning not at the 6:15 I set it at but at the 5:45 the cat started clawing on the bed at (it must've detected I was awake and decided there was no time like the present).  Being the free version, this was when the "Would you like to rate this app" popped up as well as ads and anything else that could get in the way of me stopping the noise so that I could go back to bed and wake up at the designated time of 6:15.

Anyway, here's my chart from last night.

No animals, no cute little anything.  At best it could be a butte.  (With an 'e', like a mesa except narrower.)

In other news, one of those little plateaus of REM sleep George W. Bush was in town doing an American Bandstand-type of gig in the middle of a local football field.  But that's as much as I remember about that one, other than we took some old abandoned queen size box springs and leaned them up against a wall and climbed up the box springs to sit on top of the wall so we could watch Mr. Bush and the dance troops as they entertained us.
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