The first twister

Wouldn't you know it that as soon as I decide to write my dreams down, they go all vague and jumpy on me.  Or maybe they've always been that way and I never realized it because I wasn't writing them down.

Last night was a tornado dream again.  You'll be come familiar with them, as I document them it will be interesting to see how frequent they are.  I would think they are monthly...I think that would be a safe bet.

Anyway, I was driving west into the town I grew up in (from the opposite direction of where I actually live in relation to that town).  As I drove up Highway 8, I was at the curve by an old picture frame plant (for the 0.00153% of you who may know where that is--assuming that this goes National Best Sellers and not just Amazon's top 100 free offense Amazon, I'm a faithful shopper and subscriber).  Anyway, so I'm at this curve when the sky suddenly (literally suddenly) goes black and a tornado drops down in front of me.

Being ever-logical and calm-of-mind in a storm (that's sarcasm for those of you who don't share an office with me), I decided to wait on the tornado to fully form and pick its path of destruction before continuing on.  As it happened, it lead the way down the road I was traveling on and into town before it ascended and vanished into a once-again blue sky.

I went to one of the local Baptist Churches to check out the people who had all gathered there during the 60 second tornado, we shared some stale crackers and juice (who knows, maybe they were left over from The Lords Supper or my brain just knew that was the only acceptable food in the church sanctuary).

After that we all left as if no tornado and no damage ever happened.
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