I want to be a bartender

Me:  (eating) What do you think, Baby?
Husband:  (chewing)  I think you need to write.
Me:  (confused) Write?
Husband:  Yeah, that girl's book made $615,000.
Me:  Oh, I meant about the food.
Husband:  Oh, it's good.

I guess I know who he expects to be the breadwinner.  ;)

I can only document part of last night's dream as the part I remember best would only incite conflict in a not very stable 'friendship'.  Best to just disregard that altogether, even if it did make up the bulk of my dream.

In the other part of my dream I was apparently a waitress...perhaps at Merlotte's judging by the layout of the dive.  I had decided that I would be a better bartender than a waitress because I wouldn't have to carry trays, I would have a towel handy for any messes I made, and it was the perfect place to dispense advise to potentially captive audiences.  Even while awake, I could see it being fun.  I definitely like my day job better though.

So I was studying the bartenders book of drinks because I know nothing about any of this.  I know tequila goes in a margarita, but I don't even know what goes in a daiquiri.  I know there's a such thing as an Old Fashioned, but—outside of the bedroom—I couldn't tell you what it is.

So I've decided to become a bartender when the owner, we'll call him Sam, announces to everyone that it's closing time and since it's the last night the place will be open, he's got lots of leftover bread to get rid of so he insists on everyone taking some extra bread with them to enjoy.

And with them went my dreams of being a bartender.  Literally.

Quotes from Today:

Me:  I dreamed (Husband's 'Friend' Who Doesn't Like Me) came to visit us.
Husband:  Oh really?
Me:  Yes, I have two rules regarding him.
Husband:  Okay.
Me:  Number One:  He's not allowed to stay at our house unsupervised for any extended period of time.
Husband:  Okaaayy.....?
Me:  Number Two:  He's not allowed anywhere near me when I'm in the shower.
Husband:  Fair enough.
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