I'm my brother-in-law's friend

Last night's dream was completely random and mostly disconnected so this is probably better put in separated or possibly bulleted sections.

First off, I guess I'll start by saying that my husband's little brother stayed the weekend with us and—without fail—after he does, I always have a dream the following week that we've finally bonded and are BFFs.

So in one section of my dream, my BFF BIL and I apparently had some shared love for some unknown something coming up and we were counting down the days to it.  Because we were 13 days away, we were supposed to wear the color red and either the number 13 or a carrot.  I kid you not.

So as soon as BFF BIL saw me he asked if I had any carrots because he didn't have anything with a 13 because his watch stopped at 12 (logical).  As it turned out, I had some small plastic carrots from a miniature Easter display so I sewed them onto the cuffs of our red shirts.

In another part of my dream my husband and I were leaving my old high school in his truck (which we never go anywhere in) and one of my high-school classmates (who I was never really friends with or got to know) asked if she could come with us.  Instead of letting me get in the middle, she climbed in first and sat between the husband and I.  As we go down the road making conversation with someone I would classify as a "familiar stranger", she grabs my hand, places it on her 'no-no' and tries to get me to do inappropriate things to her.

Fortunately The Husband was as mortified as I was but his capability of speech wasn't impeded by shock and humiliation so he effectively blew a gasket, pulled the vehicle over, and told her how out of line she was before he asked her to get out.

Next thing I know I'm at a family reunion for my husband's side of the family and he's introducing me to a dead lady who's there in spirit form (and an awesome mauve-colored, ruffled, taffeta dress—which sounds hideous but really complimented the non-translucent parts of her complexion).

Anyway, so the husband and I wind up alone in a room at the reunion and we start making out, nothing past second base, but we hear a door open and set about acting nonchalant and normal except that in an effort to look like we weren't doing 'more', The Husband removes his pants, lays on a bed, and turns the TV on as if that's completely normal and socially acceptable.

The last part of my dream is brief but odd.  There was this chick at the top of a wrought-iron spiral staircase and she was stealing the head off of some sort of small, compact oil drill.  Since she was stealing the head off of it, I went up and helped her replace it with another, presumably less valuable, head so that the drill wouldn't have to be shut down.  Because that's what polite thieves and accomplices do.
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