Where it all begins

Me:  I think I should write my dreams in a journal.
Husband:  You should.
Me:  Why, so you have everything documented for when you go to have me committed?
Husband:  No, I think the extra income from a best seller would be nice.
Me:  You really think people would buy my book?
Husband:  People buy crazy things and your dreams are just far enough out there...

And so it begins...

Cast (known to me):

          Jim Parsons..................Sheldon Cooper
          Johnny Galecki............Leonard Hofstadter
          Simon Helberg.............Howard Wolowitz
          Kunal Nayyar..............Raj Koothrappali
          Imelda Staunton..........Bad Woman/Instructor

I guess it's only fitting that my first documented dream would have an All Star Cast.  That's how I roll.  I also mix a little Harry Potter with some Big Bang Theory, too.  Just to keep you on your toes.

Things I remember:

  • I was apparently in The Big Bang Theory as I spent time with Sheldonmy soul siblingand his friends.
  • I was working undercover for an unremembered/unknown reason as a student at a university, presumably Caltech since I was hanging out in Pasadena.
  • As part of my undercover disguise, I was in a wheelchair; the difficulty of this was considerable during a street-chase where I was tracking Imelda Stauntonmy instructor as well as my mark.
  • The university had an incredible ladies room.  I was touching up my makeup for (pre-street-race) pictures.  There were huge saunas, individual dressing-rooms for each woman to do her hair and make up, claw-foot bathtubs just begging for bubbles and a book....the whole thing was the size of an Olympic gymnasium.  It was incredible.

Quotes from Today

(My son was pouting in the car as we leave a store because I told him we didn't have time to stop and get him something to drink)
Husband:  What's wrong with you?
Son:  I'm thirsty!
Me:  (driving)  My hiney feels like it's about to explode!  I'm sorry you're thirsty but if you had to choose, would you rather be thirsty or have an exploding hiney?
Son:  (Still sulking)  Thirsty.
Husband:  Thirsty.
Me:  Me, too.

Me:  I think the sphincter is the most important muscle in the whole body.
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